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Past Projects

Three of the most inspired past projects for adolescent reproductive health included the Teen Health Series and Reducing Media Influence on Teens through a curriculum entitled Media Madness.

The "Teen Health Series" was designed as a technology based approach to be used during health care waiting times.  It was formed with nineteen computer presentations that linked teens to age-appropriate reproductive health websites which taught them how to take care of their body, prevent sexually transmitted infections, avoid pregnancy, collect relationship tips along with tips on other teen issues.

The "Reducing Media Influence on Teens" dealt with the influence of social media on the lives of teens but also how they can escape the impact the media has on them-daily.  They learned to take the "me" out of media through finding out what media is and what it does and then using various activities to unwrap the media from daily life situations.

The "Abstinence Educational Materials" includes the Postponing Sexual Involvement and Managing Pressures Before Marriage educational materials which consists of a series of skill-building programs designed to help youth ages 10-17 manage social and peer pressure that might lead to sexual involvement.  Each series targets a different age group.  The preteen (ages 10-12) and young teen (ages 13-15) series also have accompanying parent programs.  These programs have been approved by Federal and State governments.

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