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Grady Teen Services

The Jane Fonda Center has a special relationship partnering together with the Grady Health System Teen Services Program to respond to young people’s needs.gradyclinic

Grady’s Teen Services Program receives medical direction from the Jane Fonda Center. The research that is done at the clinic, or with the clinic’s patients and/or staff, assists the Jane Fonda Center in ensuring that the center’s researching is grounded in the realities and needs of today’s youth.

Grady's Teen Center provides a dedicated teen-friendly space to both male and female adolescents, ages 12 through 19 years.  Our team of reproductive health specialists includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and adolescent health educators who collaborate to provide teen-centered healthcare and lifestyle coaching to give teens the opportunity to make healthy informed decisions.

We offer a range of services:


Beyond the traditional clinical services, the teens have access to:

Health Educators- each client is assigned an individual case manager

Peer Educators- Teens discuss problems and ways to talk to parents or adult caregivers

Computers - Computers with internet access and printers are available for use

Peer Activity Room- A peer activity room for teen peer education and trainings

The Grady Teen Clinic is located at:

Grady Hospital, 5-C

80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE

Atlanta, GA 30303

Main: 404-616-3513