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Implementation Science

Until very recently, research would tell us what is the best thing to do, but not in how to get it done. Our research provides limitless opportunities to transform health care delivery for teens, women, and families, but requires a concentrated effort to take it from the page to practice. Implementation science leads to effective implementation far faster and far more often.

“The importance of research in identifying solutions and options for overcoming implementation obstacles in health systems and programs is widely recognized.  This form of research addresses implementation bottlenecks, identifies optimal approaches for a particular setting, and promotes the uptake of research findings: ultimately, it leads to improved health care and its delivery (WHO, 2007).”

“Implementation science addresses the changes that are required to promote the systematic uptake, sustainability, and effective use of evidence-based programs and practices in typical service and social settings (Blase and Fixsen, 2010).”

These are areas in which we seek to use implementation research: