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Jane Fonda Center's Mission and Vision



The Jane Fonda Center’s mission is to advance scientific knowledge about adolescence with an emphasis on adolescent reproductive health.  We also seek to disseminate information and strategies for risk reduction and healthy transitions to adulthood.


To empower youth to reach their full potential as men and women and shaping community attitudes and actions in support of that potential.  The Jane Fonda Center engages in activities that have the potential for creating needed social change at the juncture of adolescence and sexual reproductive health.


Areas of Interest

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Family Planning
Gender Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities
Health Disparities
Health Education
Innovative Health Care Delivery
Positive Media Messaging
Social and Institutional Change
Teen Relationships
Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood

Key Staff

Penny Castellano, MD
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

The Jane Fonda Center

Melissa Kottke, MD, Director

Marian Apomah, Coordinator of Programs

Mayghen S. Barmore, Research Interviewer

Elaine Gibbs, Nurse Educator

Peggy Goedken, Associate Director-Research Projects

Janet Lui, Clinical Research Coordinator II

Kendra Piper, Research Associate